This list contains publications (2017-2021) that are associated with the various Working Groups of this COST Action.

Papers in scientific journals including acknowledgements to COST CA15211
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Special Issue in Int. J. Biometeorol:

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Presentations in scientific conferences/proceedings including acknowledgements to COST CA15211

Teplan M., I. Bajla, O. Štrbák, M. Cifra, Development of experimental platform for monitoring biological response of cells to weak low frequency electromagnetic fields, 11th International Conference on Measurement, DOI: 10.23919/MEASUREMENT.2017.7983580, 2017.

Karagodin A., The first outcomes and further plans of incorporating GEC into the chemical climate models, Oral presentation at the 8th International Student’s Conference “Science and Progress-2017”. “Science and Progress-2017” was held in Russia in Saint-Petersburg State University (Saint-Petersburg, Peterhof, Russia) from 13th to 17th November 2017. A. Karagodin presented the results of his STSM, 2017.

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Papers mentioning use of CA15211 data or mentioning CA15211 indirect contribution

Grujovski B., S. Savoska, A. Bocevska, N. Tabakovska-Blazheska (2020) Evaluation of the Ontology Visualization using Key Performance Indicators. In: 10th International Conference on Applied Information and Internet Technologies - AIIT 2020, October 16th, Zrenjanin, Serbia.
Aplin, K. L.: Introduction to the special issue “Atmospheric electrical observatories”, Hist. Geo Space. Sci., 11, 137–138,, 2020.