Venue, travelling, and accommodation for the next ElectroNet meeting


A webpage for the upcoming meeting in Sopron 23-25 September 2019 has been set up and it contains currently information on the venue, travelling, and accommodation.


Please check it here:


If you miss any information please contact us at 


The Local Organising Commitee



A new STSM call is published. 

Deadline for applications to be submitted: no later than [30 / June / 2019]

Notification of application outcome: before [15 / July / 2019]

Period of STSM must be between [15 / July / 2019] and [31 / December / 2019]

Ιt is with great pleasure that I share with you the image of the first sprite we capture with LEONA Network as part of RELAMPAGO-CACTI Campaign

First LEONA Sprite 2018 with caption

We recorded the image around 23:10 h with the LEONA station installed at CRILAR in Anillaco, Argentina, last Friday (30 November 2018) night. The thunderstorm, apparently a MCS, was over La Rioja province. We were at the INTA site in Chamical finishing up installing the last LEONA station there (3 out of 3 in Argentina) and at the same time started recording remotely both from LEONA station at CRILAR Anillaco and at INTA Las Marias. The storm moved into Chamical, with lots of rain, lightning and strong winds, and cut out the light there.